MAM Community Spotlight


"It Worked for Us"

The MAM Community Spotlight, "It Worked for Us," is written by a different MAM member each month to inspire and educate others on a topic of their choice. New articles are distributed to the MAM listserv near the first of each month and archived below (access requires a MML username and password).

June 2008 - Al McGeehan, city of Holland Last evening after dinner my wife and I walked hand-in-hand along Holland’s downtown main street. Truth be told, we were not alone. In fact on this particular summer Thursday evening like every summer Thursday evening here in Holland we were among several thousand residents and visitors who gather in our vibrant downtown.

May 2008 - Mayor Jacqueline Noonan, city of Utica When I first became the mayor of the city of Utica in January of 1988, I had a mental “to-do” list as many of you may have had. Mine was fairly lengthy, unfortunately and near the top was improving one of our main thoroughfares, “Old” Van Dyke.

April 2008 - Mayor Paul Grondin, city of St. Ignace Little Bear East is home to local hockey teams and host to many hockey tournaments. The convention center can be separated into two smaller conference rooms or made into one big room. Many wedding receptions, graduation parties, governmental forums, etc., have been held here.

March 2008 - Mayor Geraldine Moen, city of Howell It seemed to me there were many of the same people serving on several boards or commissions. I thought there might be a number of other people in the community who would be interested.

Feb. 2008 - Mayor Carol Sheets, city of Wyoming What would it be like to simply sit around a coffee table with members of your community and city council and have an open discussion regarding any item of interest or concern to those present?

Jan. 2008 - Mayor Gary McDowell, city of Adrian Bringing new businesses and new jobs to Michigan is a formidable challenge for communities all around our state. However, it can be done.

Dec. 2007 - Mayor Al McGeehan, city of Holland Going into this entirely new refuse program I had no idea just how very controversial it would be to mandate this service. When we eliminated a citizen’s opportunity to make one’s own personal arrangement.


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